What is there to explore in South Carolina?

South Carolina is a state that is rich in historical cities, landmarks and monuments, making it the perfect destination for any history buff. However, it can be complicated trying to plan an itinerary that includes a stop at all of the major historical locations in the state. However, with our ultimate itinerary to exploring historic South Carolina, you will be able to see the oldest and most monumental landmarks and parks in only six days. From old lighthouses to antebellum mansions, you will be able to see the deep historical roots of South Carolina firsthand.

With over 544 miles to cover, a historic South Carolina road trip can be an immense undertaking. With so many stops along the way, you will want to make sure that you adequately prepare for your trip by planning in advance. Our itinerary for a historic tour of South Carolina will take you from Hunting Island all the way to Charleston, stopping at many must-see landmarks and attractions on the route. Plan the perfect road trip through the Palmetto State with the help of our comprehensive guide.