Best Barbecue in South Carolina

It’s no big surprise that food-lovers looking for the best barbecue restaurant in the country often end up in South Carolina. Many people consider South Carolina the birthplaces of barbecue and Charleston has recently had a major boom in restaurants that serve smoked meats. You can also find all types of South Carolina BBQ sauce (light tomato, heavy tomato mustard, vinegar and pepper) in almost all South Carolina barbecue joints.

With all of the new restaurants opening up, there are many new competitors in the running for best BBQ in South Carolina. In fact, the state is now home to over 200 different barbecue restaurants. In order to support the industry, the South Carolina Department of Tourism has created a BBQ Trail map that provides the contact information for every barbecue restaurant in the state. In order to help you find the best ones, we have compiled a list of our favorite BBQ spots in South Carolina.